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Workspace-as-a-Service (WaaS) provides a high level of automation and real multi-tenancy reducing the cost of the technology. The WaaS provider typically takes full responsibility for hosting and maintaining the compute, storage, security and access infrastructure, as well as applications and application software licenses needed to provide the desktop service in return for a fixed monthly fee.

Workspace-as-a-Service (WaaS) is gaining ground in the marketplace with small, medium and even some large customers enjoying the fixed-cost and ease of use. The Multipath Data WaaS platform is built on the Google Cloud Platform delivering 99.99% up-time to our clients.

The beauty of the WaaS platform is that businesses can conserve cash on hand rather than spend it on hardware and software – OPEX v CAPPEX. A business does not need anyone on staff who is familiar with desktop virtualization, server virtualization or storage virtualization in order to take advantage of this technology. Firewall, malware software, application updates, hardware updates and back-up are all handled by the service. All of your applications are available on any device, in any location with an internet connection and support is delivered 24 x 7.

With the Multipath Data WaaS solution you are only paying for the applications each user is accessing and the data storage required. The Google Cloud Platform allows you to save even more money with the ability to have applications turned off when employees don’t require access.

The Multipath Data Workspace-as-a-Service offering allows firms of all sizes to enjoy the IT architecture and capabilities that their larger rivals have been enjoying for the last decade without the cost and staff to deploy it internally. By moving to this platform your company will be more secure than you ever have been. The platform resides on the Google Cloud Platform with multiple physical security barriers, redundant power and cooling, redundant internet access, redundant servers and storage features and the platform is professionally managed 24×7.

This platform is perfect for today’s legal field. Law clients are demanding better security and backup of the data they share with firms. Beyond the physical barriers and professional management noted above, WaaS is much more secure due to the fact that no data resides on a device and files can be shared between firm attorneys rather than emailed. Redundant Next Generation Firewalls are deployed along with anti-virus, anti-spam and data is encrypted at rest and in flight.

Accounting firms are especially interested in this platform for the security it delivers between a CPA firm and the client through whatever accounting software is being utilized. This platform has written code that creates a relationship between the CPA firm and the client, a process called Customer Data Access (CDA). The CDA has one-way access meaning the clients data can be seen by the CPA firm but the client cannot see any other data. This process can be set up to allow one or many within a CPA firm to access the client data.

Healthcare is beginning to see the massive upside of WaaS as well. The platform is HIPPA compliant and delivers incredible mobility for Dr.’s and nurses. Data no longer resides on devices so the security aspect is very intriguing and worrying about backup and potentially off-site backup is a thing of the past as our platform performs back-up every hour.