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Small and Medium Business Software

Do more of what you do best – with SAP solutions for small business and midsize companies

Run all aspects of your small business or midmarket company with SAP SME software – on premise or in the cloud. Our scalable business management software can help you digitize and connect every process, including ERP, CRM, e-commerce, HR, analytics, and more. Simplify how work gets done, put the right resources in the right place, and make informed decisions in the moment. As more than 250,000 SME customers have discovered, you’ll never outgrow SAP – no matter where your business takes you.

When you’re playing against the big guys, make sure your business is live

As a growing business, you need every advantage available to compete with large corporations. The best place to start? Make sure your business is live. SAP can offer in-the-moment insights that will give you the agility you need to not only compete, but thrive.


Technology pays off for growing companies

According to a recent study by IDC, the vast majority of respondents are finding that new technology is helping them to achieve their goals.  Find out how embracing digital transformation is helping them to gain new customers, grow revenue, and improve productivity.


Run your business in the moment
SMEs are using real-time business management solutions to improve everything from operations to customer engagement. Read this Forbes Insight report to learn how live insights are helping companies like yours create value and satisfy customers at every opportunity.


Driving digital transformation 

The Economist Intelligence Unit looked at how hundreds of businesses across the globe are evolving for the digital economy. Get insights into they are transforming their companies – from new initiatives to new ways of empowering IT to drive their organization’s digital initiatives.


SMEs in the digital economy
According to new IDC research, the fastest growing SMEs are the ones using technology to digitize their businesses. Watch this short video to find out why there is a clear link between digital transformation and revenue growth.

Explore SAP’s Small and Medium Business Software


Manage your business
Take advantage of world-class ERP software for small, midsize, and upper-midsize companies. Connect every process, from finance and expense reporting to procurement and inventory – and help your team control costs and scale efficiently.


Engage your customers

Create meaningful customer experiences across every channel with our CRM and e-commerce software for SMEs. Give employees the context they need to personalize customer interactions and enhance your sales, service, and marketing activities.


Empower your people

Recruit and retain the workforce you need to take your small or midsize enterprise where you want it to go. Our HR software makes it easy for employees and managers to efficiently grow and develop their teams – as well as their own careers.


Improve your decision making
Put decision-driving insights into the hands of your entire team with our analytics, business intelligence (BI), and reporting tools for SMEs. See what’s happening today, anticipate future outcomes, and make smart decisions in the moment.