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Why Multipath Data?

Multipath Data was formed a few years ago. After working for Dell and a few other organizations over the past eighteen years, the idea of starting my own business intrigued me. I have known and seen too many good people get pushed out of a job because of downsizing or poor decisions by upper management.

Managing my future rather than a staff or department at a company is what drove me to start Multipath Data.

The business plan was simple and incorporates several ideas. The first, adding great IT people that have dealt with the IT industry’s never ending downsizing. We all know a half-dozen or more that fit this description that would prefer to control their own destiny rather than ride the roller coaster of start-ups. The 2nd, bring on young adults pursuing their passion as musicians, or as educators in music, sports and theater – areas that are being squeezed by budgets nationwide.     

We enjoy working directly with organizations to develop solutions to meet/exceed their changing requirements. The relationships we have with many of our vendors is personal and in the case of Dell EMC, deep. We can utilize these relationships, and our tenacity to drive successful implementations on your behalf.

Multipath Data will continue to grow the company by adding like-minded individuals in a similar career stage. 

Work with us to find the proper solution for your needs. Reach out today.

Thank you