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Protect Employees, Agents, Clients and Customers From Account Takeover

Stamp out fraud, intellectual property theft, and damage to your brand

Take Action Before the Criminals Do


Because of widespread password reuse, Account Takeover (ATO) attacks have become an extremely lucrative business for cybercriminals.

Even unsophisticated threat actors can compromise a number of your customer or employee-facing accounts with little to no knowledge of traditional hacking techniques.

SpyCloud helps prevent ATO with our proactive solutions.

Say Hello to the Most Advanced ATO Prevention Platform

A suite of award winning solutions enable you to proactively protect your users’ accounts and thwart online fraud.

Prevent Account Takeover

Account Takeover (ATO) attacks have become an extremely lucrative business for cybercriminals—particularly due to widespread password reuse. Cyber criminals exploit compromised accounts for financial gain by pilfering financial or personally identifiable information (PII) directly or by selling access to these accounts on underground markets. Is your organization safe? Stop ATO before it happens.

Automate Customer ATO Prevention

Integrate SpyCloud’s easy-to-use API into your current application to identify when your users’ credentials have been exposed in the underground. 

When a user’s email and password combination matches a previous exposure in our database, your system can reset their password proactively, thereby averting a successful ATO attack.

The SpyCloud solution helps to combat new account fraud, loss of revenue, brand damage and spam.

Automate Employee ATO Prevention

At SpyCloud, we help businesses prevent account takeovers by proactively alerting the security or fraud team when an employee or company asset has been compromised.

If an employee’s credentials are exposed, a forced password reset can be automatically initiated and the account can then be monitored for suspicious behavior.

Automate Active Directory Protection

Download and install SpyCloud’s Active Directory (AD) tool to run continuously based on your schedule. The tool automatically compares new stolen credentials to your active employees and forces a password reset when the passwords have been compromised. This tool is an exact match technology, eliminating false positives and help desk calls.