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Spend Less Time on IT Administration and More Time on IT Innovation

Time is your most valuable asset. Too much time is spent managing your current systems instead of getting ready for what’s next. We think it’s time for a change. It’s time to rethink how you do systems and information management.

Database management software tools that simplify complexity and drive performance

Today’s database technology is becoming increasingly complex, and supports previously unthinkable data volumes – all driven by the demands of today’s always-on economy. This drives most organizations to spend up to 75% of their time just keeping the lights on, leaving very little time to deliver innovations that move the business forward.

It’s time for a new approach. Spend less time managing your data environment, and more time building a data-driven business. As the top-ranked ISV for database management software tools in the world, we help you simplify this complex technology and ensure optimal database performance across a wide variety of both on-premises and cloud-based systems. Trust the database management software solutions used by more than four million data professionals worldwide to give you more time.


Discover how our database management software tools can automate routine tasks, provide high-quality data, standardize database performance monitoring, drive greater data availability and become more agile with our proven solutions.

Database development

Get the power to respond rapidly to change.Our database development solutions enable you to implement consistent, repeatable processes to keep pace and become more agile. Set your team up for success as you blaze through development cycles, and minimize the risks associated with bugs, performance issues, coding standards, dispersed teams and more.

Database administration

Get ahead of the curve. Resolve problems before they impact your environment, and streamline daily redundant administration tasks, so you can focus on more meaningful endeavors. From administration to maintenance, performance monitoring, data protection, automation and collaboration,

our solutions lead the way for today’s highly effective DBA.

Data preparation and analysis

Ensure your analyst teams receive accurate, high-quality data quickly – regardless of the data source. Our data preparation solutions offer up to a 50% time savings in data preparation tasks with secure, governed workflows. Provide data to your analysts in real time, every time with desktop-based, self-service solutions. Enjoy a closer-to-business collaboration experience.

Database performance monitoring

Consolidate and standardize database performance monitoring across diverse, multi-platform environments, including SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, DB2 and others – even when using native or third-party tools. View a complete picture of your environment so you can collaborate among teams to find and fix performance issues before they put your database at risk. Get valuable insight into all areas around database resources, workload analytics and change tracking.


Drive greater data availability through industry-leading database replication. Our solutions help you replicate data to where you need it most – whether it’s replicating a production database for high availability or integrating data to other databases. Count on high reliability with ZeroIMPACT to your systems.

Data Protection

Everything faster — from client to cloud.

More than 70,000 customers worldwide depend on us to protect their applications and data with an always-on, easy-to-manage infrastructure. Count on us for a ZeroIMPACT, full-system, instant-recovery solution that gets you back online in as little as 15 minutes. Our backup and recovery solutions help you transform your IT infrastructure as you adopt cloud, mobile applications, and big data projects.

Our customers tell us they are:

  • Saving 20 hours a week in administration
  • Increasing performance by 10 times
  • Reducing costs by more than $50,000

It’s no wonder that nearly 80% of our customers switched from other vendors because their needs weren’t being met. It’s time to expect zero tolerance for downtime and zero budget needed for data loss.


Don’t settle for costly and complex data protection that forces you to use legacy approaches and bolt-on modules or point solutions. Easily protect applications and data with ZeroIMPACT, full-system, instant recovery to get back online in as little as 15 minutes.

Backup and recovery

Say goodbye to long backup windows, slow recovery and high maintenance costs. Our scalable backup and recovery solutions cut backup windows from hours to minutes. Protect anything — systems, apps and data — anywhere, whether it’s physical, virtual and or in the cloud. Back up physical and virtual machines with either agent-based or agentless backup, for the best of both worlds. Plus, our broad and flexible portfolio lets you choose the speed at which you recover your data to meet business-driven SLAs, as well as choose your levels of protection based on how vital your data and applications are to the business.

Deduplication and compression

Reduce your backup storage costs in physical and virtual environments using backup-to-disk appliances with embedded deduplication, compression and ingest accelerators. Decrease the amount of backup capacity needed by up to 90%, ingest data from backup servers up to 29TB/Hr and reduce replication bandwidth by up to 93%. With VTL support, you can also reduce or eliminate tape backup. Because these appliances support 16 of the leading backup apps on the market today, they’re easy to add to your environment. And that means you can reap the benefits of faster performance and time savings right away. All-inclusive licensing means you never pay for new features or protocol accelerators.

Endpoint Systems Management

Endpoint systems management for growing organizations

Your precious IT resources and budget shouldn’t be held hostage to manual software management tasks, multiple point solutions that leave critical gaps, or overly complex and expensive software suites. Our easy-to-use, fast-to-implement appliances provide comprehensive endpoint systems management. Capabilities include streamlined OS provisioning, automated network discovery of software and hardware inventory, asset management, endpoint security and patching, application software distribution and maintenance, and a fully integrated service desk. And you can manage virtually all network-connected devices, including Windows®, Mac®, Linux® and UNIX® machines, Chromebooks, and network-connected non-computing devices.

Discover and control every device that touches your network


Give your growing organization more time to innovate with easy-to-use appliances that enable you to easily provision, manage, secure and service virtually all network-connected devices.

Operating system imaging and deployment

Save time with automated OS provisioning capabilities for multiple operating systems, including streamlined master disk imaging and maintenance, faster image deployment for large-scale provisioning tasks, easy Windows migration and user state migration — all from an easy-to-use, web-based interface with built-in reporting and automated maintenance.

Software distribution and maintenance

Remotely distribute, install and maintain applications and digital assets to Windows, Mac and Linux computers and servers, eliminating the time and hassle of traveling to multiple locations. The remote replication share is easy to set up and maintain, and dramatically reduces the cost and complexity of software deployment across a multisite organization.

IT asset management

Quickly see exactly what is connected to your network. Discover and inventory all hardware and software network-wide, including laptops, desktops, servers, storage devices, Chromebooks and network-connected non-computer devices. Streamline IT inventory management and software license compliance chores, and avoid audit fines or license overpayment.

Endpoint security

Automate patch management and deploy patches from one of the largest patch libraries in the industry, with patches for Windows and Mac operating systems and leading third-party vendors such as Adobe®, Oracle®, Mozilla® and Symantec™. Conduct IT security audits and identify vulnerabilities with OVAL and SCAP scanning. Remedy vulnerabilities and enforce security policies with comprehensive system configuration management capabilities.

Service desk

Improve the user experience with an integrated service desk and a self-service portal that enables users to solve many basic requests themselves. Provide service desk staff with granular SLA controls that are integrated with asset management processes and workflows. Give both administrators and end users easy remote access to relevant service desk functions.

Identity and Access Management For The Real World

Read what Aberdeen says about IAM.

One Identity solutions eliminate the complexities and time-consuming processes often required to govern identities, manage privileged accounts and control access. Our solutions enhance business agility while addressing your IAM challenges with on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments. See how you can:

  • Define a clear path to governance, access control and privileged management
  • Empower line-of-business managers to make access decisions
  • Leverage modular, integrated components to start building from anywhere
  • Deploy IAM solutions and achieve ROI in weeks – not months or years
  • Say yes to IAM projects that accelerate business operations

Implement identity and access management that’s perfectly suited for the real world


Achieve easier accountability and greater transparency with IAM that places the business in control of those things that matter most with One Identity solutions.

Identity governance

Achieve complete, business-driven governance for identities, data, and privileged access by marrying visibility and control with administration. Gain simplicity and affordability with a unified governance foundation that addresses the management, auditing and compliance needs that are prerequisites to strong governance.

Ensure that all your users can access the resources they need to do their jobs — from any location or any device, conveniently, securely and compliantly. Automate account creation, assign access, streamline on-going administration, and unify identities, passwords and directories with enhanced access management capabilities.

Access management

Privileged account management

Manage privileged accounts centrally, proactively and with individual accountability through granular control and monitoring of administrator access. Easily and effectively adopt an automated and comprehensive approach that enhances security and compliance, while improving the efficiency of administering superuser access.

Protect everything and everyone in your organization with secure, cloud-delivered IAM solutions that enable digital transformation. With One Identity, your IAM solution can easily protect and support on-premise and cloud-based resources.

Identity as a Service

Microsoft Platform Migration, Security and Management Solutions

Managing and securing Microsoft® platforms – such as Active Directory®, Exchange®, SharePoint®, Skype for Business® and Office 365™ – can be expensive and time-consuming. In fact, organizations typically spend 75 percent of their budget maintaining legacy infrastructure.

It’s time to optimize your environment and secure your Microsoft infrastructure to prepare for what’s next. Our award-winning solutions help you migrate, manage and secure your data across on-premises, cloud-based and hybrid platforms. Stop worrying about maintaining systems, and start focusing on innovation. See for yourself why our tools have been used to migrate, secure and manage more than 180 million users.


Discover how we can simplify and automate a wide range of Microsoft platform management tasks for Active Directory, Exchange, Skype for Business, SharePoint and Office 365.

Hybrid Active Directory security

Take control of your hybrid Active Directory infrastructure and improve your security posture on premises and when extended to the cloud. Our solutions enable you to be more productive, secure and aligned to your business with a single, end-to-end solution.

Migration and consolidation

Hybrid Active Directory security

Ensure a ZeroIMPACT migration and consolidation for Microsoft platforms such as Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint and Office 365. Simplify and automate migration tasks so you can finish the project faster while minimizing the costs, risks and disruptions to users.

Security and compliance

Reduce enterprise risks, maintain policy compliance and adhere to regulations with detailed, real-time assessment, auditing, alerting and remediation of complex Microsoft environments. Identify, track, address and even prevent vital configuration changes in real time – without the overhead of native auditing. Ensure compliance with HIPAA, PCI, SOX, FISMA, GDPR and more with audit-ready reports.

Backup and recovery

Avoid data loss and maintain business continuity with streamlined backup and disaster recovery solutions for Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint and Office 365. Facilitate efficient searches for fast email discovery. Easily recover lost data from individual objects, permissions, emails and files, or perform a full disaster recovery.

Performance and availability

Gain the insight to resolve issues before they affect user productivity by monitoring the performance of Active Directory, Exchange, Skype for Business, SharePoint and Windows Server environments. Conduct real-time diagnostics and problem resolution through simplified consoles. Optimize performance, meet SLAs and maintain compliance and regulations by empowering your organization with the right information.


Satisfy management demands for information, dive into usage, adoption and performance, and prepare for upcoming migration and consolidation projects. Automate data collection, reporting and chargeback generation for Microsoft platform environments – including Active Directory, Windows Server, SQL Server, Exchange, SharePoint and Skype for Business – to reduce administrative workloads.

Group Policy and permissions

Secure your Microsoft Windows Server environment and prove compliance. Take advantage of automated solutions for managing and reporting on users and group permissions, along with Group Policy Objects. Get support for Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, Windows Server and NAS filers, Exchange, Office 365, SQL Server, SharePoint, Lync/Skype for Business and OneDrive for Business.

Performance Monitoring

Maximum virtual infrastructure performance, efficiency and availability.

Maximize your virtual infrastructure. Unlike other performance monitoring tools, Foglight provides holistic insights into virtualization management – including VMware, Hyper-V and OpenStack; databases running on SQL Server, Oracle, DB2 and Sybase; and end-to-end real user monitoring from the network that applications run on into the Java and .Net code.


Maximize virtualization performance with monitoring for VMware and Hyper-V coupled with storage array monitoring and simplify cross database performance monitoring for SQL, Oracle, DB2, Cassandra, MongoDB, PostgreSQL and MySQL.

Virtualization performance monitoring and management

Make monitoring VMware and Hyper-V easier, especially in terms of understanding your virtual network and the demands on your physical storage. Foglight delivers end-to-everything visibility across your virtual infrastructure from the virtual machine and its OS to the LUN that supplies the storage. The purpose of monitoring is to detect problems, and once resolved, Foglight further automates VMware and Hyper-V management to ensure availability and performance, as well as maximize your investment in the supporting physical hardware.

Database monitoring and analytics

Adopt a solution that provides simplified, consistent performance monitoring and management across heterogeneous database platforms in order to reduce administrative costs and improve service levels. Help ensure your database components are operating within their resource capacity limits, and use alerts to discover when they are overextended – plus determine how to correct those conditions.

Storage performance and utilization management

Gain a holistic view of storage performance and utilization through the virtualization layer to the physical disk spindle. Foglight supports storage monitoring for Dell Compellent and Equalogic, EMC Clariaon, CX, VMAX, VNX and Isilon, Hitachi AMS, VSP and USP, HP EVA and 3PAR, NetApp OnTap 7, 8 and Cluster Mode.

For monitoring of any storage array, Foglight provides an easy-to-use Python SDK to collect data from any array, and instantly leverage the full power of Foglight storage management.

Proactively ensure a more positive application user experience. With the Foglight suite of application monitoring tools, you can pinpoint the root cause of incidents and quickly respond. Improve user satisfaction and ensure the IT environment supports the needs of the organization.

Operating system monitoring

Take the complexity out of monitoring operating systems and simplify the process with a unified solution that allows you to visualize core physical and virtual metrics, and gain deep insight into memory, CPU and I/O processes. Provide a consistent approach to the management of your diverse operating systems, and unify the disparate parts of your IT environment with a single, centralized platform.