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What does Nutanix do?

Nutanix delivers converged infrastructure that replaces traditional datacenter architectures built with separate servers, storage and networking devices.


What type of Converged Infrastructure?

Nutanix is hyper-converged: server and storage integrated into a single x86 server.

Hyper-convergence reduces power and space, and eliminates storage network complexity


What makes Nutanix better?

Nutanix is uniquely built using web-scale technologies and architectures that originated in large Internet and cloud companies, such as Google, Facebook and Amazon.

Web-scale delivers predictable scalability, easy deployment, simple management and lower TCO

Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform

The Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform converges server and storage resources into an easy-to-deploy integrated appliance. Datacenter capacity can be easily expanded one node at a time, delivering linear and predictable scale-out with pay-as-you-grow flexibility.

Nutanix is built with the same web-scale technologies and architectures that power leading Internet and cloud infrastructures, such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon – and runs any workload at any scale.

  • Hyper Converged
  • Intelligence in Software
  • Distributed Everything
  • Self Healing
  • Automation & Rich Analytics


Simplify IT

The Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform radically simplifies the deployment of VMs. Converging compute and storage into a single integrated platform enables application and virtualization teams to quickly and simply deploy new VMs. The Nutanix Distributed File System (NDFS) runs on each Nutanix platform, aggregating direct-attached storage resources (hard disk drives and flash) across all nodes. This pooled storage is made available to all hosts, replacing the need for traditional centralized storage.

Eliminating expensive and complex SANs reduces both operating and capital costs. With an unrivaled ability to run VMs out of the box, Nutanix delivers an easy, modular approach to building modern datacenters


Support ALL virtualization projects.

The Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform is an ideal solution for nearly any enterprise workload. Multiple appliance choices with different price-performance profiles, coupled with multi-hypervisor support, make Nutanix perfect for running different workloads at high performance, in a unified Nutanix cluster.


Single-pane-of-glass management

The Nutanix Prism management framework delivers an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI). All information is organized and presented via elegant touch points to facilitate easy consumption of operational data. Prism provides the ability to define and manage a complete converged infrastructure from nearly any device and includes a programmatic REST-based API for integration with third-party cloud management systems.

Use Cases


VDI / End User Computing

  • Plug-and-play appliance ready to run VMware Horizon Suite, Citrix XenDesktop and Citrix XenApp
  • Predictable scale-out architecture to seamlessly expand VDI pilots to full production deployment
  • Support for all VDI users, including persistent and graphics intensive desktops


Private Cloud / Server Virtualization

  • Turnkey platform for running popular applications, such as Microsoft SQL Server, Exchange & Sharepoint
  • Distributed architecture provides storage quality of service (QoS) for multi-workload and multi-tenant environments
  • Delivers linear scalability, high performance & availability
  • Hypervisor agnostic provides choice of virtualization


Big Data

  • Applications run adjacent to other services with no performance degradation
  • Dramatically reduces rack space and equipment costs
  • Scales to any size deployment
  • Better performance than bare metal


Disaster Recovery

  • Efficient per-VM management and data replication
  • All data de-duplicated and transmitted with byte-level granularity for maximum replication efficiency
  • Storage Replication Adapter (SRA) supports VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM)
  • Supports third-party run book automation solutions
  • Supports flexible DR architectures


Enterprise Branch Office

  • Standardized infrastructure can be rapidly deployed to any remote or branch office location
  • Runs all branch office applications in a single 2U appliance
  • Affordable entry-level platforms for small enterprise locations