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A Forbes article, published on 6.10.19 lamented that a novice hacker could simply go out on the Dark Web and purchase the necessary tools – at times with a money back guarantee – to unleash malware or ransomware on unsuspecting targets. All the while, security teams are trying to build the strongest defenses that they can with a staff that may be short on cybersecurity experience and point technology solutions purchased over time, that don’t share intelligence and don’t share the same management console.

Many organizations have done their due diligence and made decisions on cyber security solutions based on industry testing bodies, price, in-house experience with a brand or recommendation from others. What if you could choose the leading solution in any number of cyber areas – endpoint, firewall, web, management and:

  • What if these solutions could be managed from the same interface?
  • What if these solutions communicated with each other and shared intel?
  • What if you could add even more security solutions to this universe that also communicated, shared intelligence and were still managed with the same single pane of glass?
  • What if you could purchase as you wish – rent as you wish – manage it in-house or have it managed for you!


Deploying the best endpoint security solution the industry has available is a great decision. Deploying a firewall recommended by NSS Labs is also smart. Managing your cybersecurity solutions with the world’s first and best cybersecurity system, winner of the Best Threat Intelligence Technology at the SC Awards 2019 Europe is genius!  PC Magazine Review 6.5.19

  • Endpoint protection from Sophos Intercept X w/EDR featuring deep learning and AI, CryptoGuard anti-ransomware protection, endpoint detection and guided incident response, malware cleanup, Synchronized Security and managed by Sophos Central – watch a demonstration
  • XG Firewall is an industry leader and gives you unprecedented visibility into your network, users and applications directly from the control center on Sophos Central. The secret sauce is Sophos Security Heartbeat which automatically identifies/isolates an infected endpoint, limits access to other network resources/internet in response and shares telemetry and health status between Sophos endpoints and firewall.
  • Server protection with Intercept X for Server – now with EDR!
  • Cloud applications, AWS, Azure or GCP – secure it all with Cloud Optix
  • Cloud-based central management with Sophos Central, manages everything for you – an absolute industry first – now add in Sophos Wireless, Email, Mobile, SafeGuard Encryption, Phish Threat, UTM or Secure Web Gateway and you are cooking.

Test out Intercept X today, add it alongside your current endpoint solution.